Snow business

Last week turned into a bit of a Girls on Tour week, as my sister and I headed off together on a short skiing holiday. We found out that we had the same week off from our studies, and decided this was the best way to spend it; hurling ourselves down a mountain, getting a lift back up again and generally mucking about. Bearing in mind I hadn't skied for a few seasons I had to get a bit of confidence back, but it wasn't long before we were racing around and enjoying a bit of time away from home.
We went to Chamonix/Argentiere in the French Alps, and it was very sunny but pretty cold. Towering over the valley is Mont Blanc, standing at an impressive 4810 metres above sea level, and we were able to travel up the Aiguille du Midi cable car (3842 metres) to get some great views of the surrounding area.
The descent from the Midi is either by cable car or by way of the Vallee Blanche, a more advanced level ski/snowboard route down the mountain. This must be undertaken with a mountain guide as it can be quite treacherous depending on snow and weather conditions. We weren't going to do this on our trip, so we took some pictures and had a hot chocolate to warm ourselves up.
After only attaining a few bruises and nearly colliding into each other once or twice, we managed to make it through the week relatively unscathed. I was so happy to be back in the mountain air and the relaxed lifestyle that comes with it, and would have loved to stay for much longer, but we made our way back to the UK with a few gifts for family and friends and the faint markings of panda eyes from wearing goggles all week.

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