Sigh No More

So it turns out I have been a bit neglectful of this lately. Lots of uni work and life generally getting in the way of my thoughts about blogging means I haven't felt the urge to post in a while, but now this is slowing down and with the start of my internship looming (in a good way) I am looking forward to spending more time on this. Today it is lovely and sunny, so it's sandals out, sunglasses on and positive thoughts towards the shorthand exam at 11:30. Wait and see how that goes.
I received these lovely tulips yesterday from James as a little something to cheer me up, as he knew I'd been feeling a bit down. They made such a huge difference to the day and when I got in later on they were a very colourful sight to see. Huge thank you to a great friend.
So for me, no more leaving this to attempt to write itself because that just won't happen. With an exciting summer ahead there will be plenty of things to be writing about. TTFN.

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