The end's not near, it's here.

With Uni pretty much over now - except for the graduation part - and it's about time I updated this and what's been going on. My Final Major Project went fairly smoothly, please take a look at the finished magazine on issuu here. The idea stemmed from my love of all things old, and how nostalgia for the past affects us and society in the present. The first issue of Attic magazine included features on the use of photo apps like Instagram, how childhood has changed over time and a still life photo shoot of lots of found objects and things that evoke memories of the past. I'm really proud of my work throughout the project, and to have a physical printed copy in my hands feels very special. My friends and classmates all worked so hard on this project, and it's been great to see their work develop over this last semester. 

Thinking about the fact that three years here in Epsom has gone by so fast really scares me. It's as if something that felt totally impossible to me at the start has been and gone, and I can't work out if I'm happy or sad about it all. As for what happens next, that's perhaps even more scary. 

I've been applying for various internships and work placements, some of which get a reply and some that simply don't. I feel like if I don't start or continue as I mean to go on there's a chance I'll move back home for a bit without making the most of the opportunities around at the moment. Not that there'e anything wrong with going straight home, I think just for me personally after seeing a number of my close friends moving out and taking that step forward in their life, that's maybe something I'd like to do as well. I will wait and see how things go, with interview offers and more things to apply for each week it will be interesting to see where I am six months down the line after graduating - where I might be and what I might have done. 

During my FMP I took part in the Parsons project at Uni, and went over to New York for a few days with tutors and classmates to see their graduate shows and hang out in what I can honestly say is on my top list of best most amazing places ever in the world, ever. We all had a great time, and again this is something that went by too fast, but I'd go back tomorrow if I could and I'd take take a few choice people with me too as they'd love it. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

I'll keep this going now with more talk about work and internships as they come and go, fingers crossed for some positive outcomes from interviews in the next few weeks. It's all down to me I suppose.


Gettin' Social

This week my classmates and I were invited to the Handpicked Media Gets Social event by our lecturer Alyson at RIBA in London. Basically, the day consisted of lots of interesting talks from successful blogging folk, some Q&As and a pretty substantial goodie bag. Not to be swayed just by giveaways, but this certainly added to what was in fact a brilliant day.
The RIBA building itself is beautiful - as you would expect from the Royal Institute of British Architects - and by the time we arrived there were many other excited faces intrigued by what was in store. Free breakfast (always good) and phones in hand, most started by tweeting their attendance and 15 minutes into the event it was trending in the UK. From then on a string of famous names and faces from the fashion and beauty industry shared their wisdom, motivation and stories and we left late in the afternoon feeling positive about how we might go about presenting ourselves via our blog and online presence.
Can you spot us in the middle? A lovely crowd and a great day of getting social with like-minded people we all enjoyed it and who knows, maybe there will be some future collaborations from the blogging event.


100 years strong

I am in love with this video! Celebrating 100 years of style for the opening of Westfield in the east end tomorrow - coordinating outfits and dance moves, just brilliant.


Sigh No More

So it turns out I have been a bit neglectful of this lately. Lots of uni work and life generally getting in the way of my thoughts about blogging means I haven't felt the urge to post in a while, but now this is slowing down and with the start of my internship looming (in a good way) I am looking forward to spending more time on this. Today it is lovely and sunny, so it's sandals out, sunglasses on and positive thoughts towards the shorthand exam at 11:30. Wait and see how that goes.
I received these lovely tulips yesterday from James as a little something to cheer me up, as he knew I'd been feeling a bit down. They made such a huge difference to the day and when I got in later on they were a very colourful sight to see. Huge thank you to a great friend.
So for me, no more leaving this to attempt to write itself because that just won't happen. With an exciting summer ahead there will be plenty of things to be writing about. TTFN.


Snow business

Last week turned into a bit of a Girls on Tour week, as my sister and I headed off together on a short skiing holiday. We found out that we had the same week off from our studies, and decided this was the best way to spend it; hurling ourselves down a mountain, getting a lift back up again and generally mucking about. Bearing in mind I hadn't skied for a few seasons I had to get a bit of confidence back, but it wasn't long before we were racing around and enjoying a bit of time away from home.
We went to Chamonix/Argentiere in the French Alps, and it was very sunny but pretty cold. Towering over the valley is Mont Blanc, standing at an impressive 4810 metres above sea level, and we were able to travel up the Aiguille du Midi cable car (3842 metres) to get some great views of the surrounding area.
The descent from the Midi is either by cable car or by way of the Vallee Blanche, a more advanced level ski/snowboard route down the mountain. This must be undertaken with a mountain guide as it can be quite treacherous depending on snow and weather conditions. We weren't going to do this on our trip, so we took some pictures and had a hot chocolate to warm ourselves up.
After only attaining a few bruises and nearly colliding into each other once or twice, we managed to make it through the week relatively unscathed. I was so happy to be back in the mountain air and the relaxed lifestyle that comes with it, and would have loved to stay for much longer, but we made our way back to the UK with a few gifts for family and friends and the faint markings of panda eyes from wearing goggles all week.



As a fan of N.E.E.T. Magazine, I've always admired their ability to find the most inspiring things from around the world. Fashion, beauty, eco interviews, finds of the day - all with a truly N.E.E.T. feel. The homes category is a great insight into the stylish pads of others from around the globe.
I love the Scandinavian feel of this bedroom, and funnily enough it's in Malmรถ, Sweden. I think it's the wooden floors and clean, straight lines. And the 12" on the walls. And those woven rugs. Lovely.
Bringing a bit of the outdoors in with this wooden crate is such a novel idea, and standing it on its side is pure genius. This is also from Sweden, they're just such stylish people.
The big, bright windows make this sitting room feel fresh, and the mismatched soft furnishings give it character. I really like the neutral walls - it means that the colour palette is built up with the accessories and that particularly nice yellow dolls house. The children's alphabet blocks are an interesting alternative to the usual wordy decorations, with the added bonus of being able to say different things. This one's from California.
Keeping all those pretty, sparkly rings to hand is a great idea, and a cake stand is the perfect way to show them off. I'm waiting patiently for the day when I can have my own window seat, and a lifetime's collection of books to read in it. This beauty is from Idaho.


Like a whirlwind

It has to be said that 2010 positively flew by. It's only been 2011 for a short while, and I'm already thinking longingly of sunshine, lazy afternoons and the odd festival or two. With this in mind, here are a few things that have caught my eye over the new year, and some bits and pieces to look forward to.
Mountains, mountains and more mountains. My imminent trip to France will quench my thirst, but I can never get enough of them.
This lovely little outfit makes me smile, even in the rain. The neutral colours work perfectly, and having just acquired another brown bag I'll be trying out something like this soon.
I'd like to make this year my making year. I find it therapeutic to begin and end a project, even something small. This lampshade is such a great idea, all I need to do is drink enough cocktails....
I've never been to the Royal Albert Hall, and so can't wait for April 25th to see Dallas Green perform again. I received the tickets in the post last week, and am so pleased I managed to get them. Only three months to go.
It's only January, but sunny afternoons seem so appealing, and these jars of lemonade would fit right in. To coincide with a making things year, I'd also like to spend more time in the kitchen, cooking for family and friends and bringing everyone together.