Gettin' Social

This week my classmates and I were invited to the Handpicked Media Gets Social event by our lecturer Alyson at RIBA in London. Basically, the day consisted of lots of interesting talks from successful blogging folk, some Q&As and a pretty substantial goodie bag. Not to be swayed just by giveaways, but this certainly added to what was in fact a brilliant day.
The RIBA building itself is beautiful - as you would expect from the Royal Institute of British Architects - and by the time we arrived there were many other excited faces intrigued by what was in store. Free breakfast (always good) and phones in hand, most started by tweeting their attendance and 15 minutes into the event it was trending in the UK. From then on a string of famous names and faces from the fashion and beauty industry shared their wisdom, motivation and stories and we left late in the afternoon feeling positive about how we might go about presenting ourselves via our blog and online presence.
Can you spot us in the middle? A lovely crowd and a great day of getting social with like-minded people we all enjoyed it and who knows, maybe there will be some future collaborations from the blogging event.

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  1. Thanks for coming along Katarina, glad that you enjoyed yourself, hopefully see you at the next one!

    Ciaran from Handpicked