The end's not near, it's here.

With Uni pretty much over now - except for the graduation part - and it's about time I updated this and what's been going on. My Final Major Project went fairly smoothly, please take a look at the finished magazine on issuu here. The idea stemmed from my love of all things old, and how nostalgia for the past affects us and society in the present. The first issue of Attic magazine included features on the use of photo apps like Instagram, how childhood has changed over time and a still life photo shoot of lots of found objects and things that evoke memories of the past. I'm really proud of my work throughout the project, and to have a physical printed copy in my hands feels very special. My friends and classmates all worked so hard on this project, and it's been great to see their work develop over this last semester. 

Thinking about the fact that three years here in Epsom has gone by so fast really scares me. It's as if something that felt totally impossible to me at the start has been and gone, and I can't work out if I'm happy or sad about it all. As for what happens next, that's perhaps even more scary. 

I've been applying for various internships and work placements, some of which get a reply and some that simply don't. I feel like if I don't start or continue as I mean to go on there's a chance I'll move back home for a bit without making the most of the opportunities around at the moment. Not that there'e anything wrong with going straight home, I think just for me personally after seeing a number of my close friends moving out and taking that step forward in their life, that's maybe something I'd like to do as well. I will wait and see how things go, with interview offers and more things to apply for each week it will be interesting to see where I am six months down the line after graduating - where I might be and what I might have done. 

During my FMP I took part in the Parsons project at Uni, and went over to New York for a few days with tutors and classmates to see their graduate shows and hang out in what I can honestly say is on my top list of best most amazing places ever in the world, ever. We all had a great time, and again this is something that went by too fast, but I'd go back tomorrow if I could and I'd take take a few choice people with me too as they'd love it. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

I'll keep this going now with more talk about work and internships as they come and go, fingers crossed for some positive outcomes from interviews in the next few weeks. It's all down to me I suppose.

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